Kitsound Kitsound Harlem Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone &Ndash; Rose Gold


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Say goodbye to wires – say hello to KitSound™ Harlem Wireless Headphones A hotspot for live music since the 1920s, Harlem is famed for its rich music heritage: from Jazz roots through the Harlem Renaissance to the resurging live music scene now. It’s a melting pot of live music, emerging talent, and new genres. Join the movement with your KitSound Harlem Wireless Headphones. The KitSound Harlem Wireless Headphones have stylish detailing on the outside and clever technology on the inside. Wireless Connectivity: Say goodbye to wires and embrace wireless connectivity – connect to enjoy your music and audio from your device, and dance, walk, and travel without worrying about getting tangled. Impressive Battery Life: New album that you can’t get enough of? Play it on repeat with up to 30 hours play time – and thanks to only two hours charging, you can get back to the music before you know it. Multi-Functionality: As if that wasn’t enough, the Harlem Headphones have built-in track controls to make it easy to control your music without reaching for your device, and call-handling so you can take those calls no matter where you are. They also feature stylish design of the buttons on the soft-touch earcups. Specifications: Play time – up to 30 hours; Charge time: up to 2 hours; Wireless connectivity – V4.1; Wireless connectivity distance – up to 10 m.Go further with the KitSound™ Race Sports Earphones Depth: 149 MM Height: 74 MM Width: 175 MM Power Output: Up to 20W 27/04/2018 Beautiful Over-ear Soft touch wireless headphones Wireless connectivity for simple pairing Up to 30 hours play time Answer phone calls on the go with call-handling and a multi-function button Track controls and volume buttons, so no need to reach for your device


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