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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play Mrs Brown&39;s Boys Christmas Crackers (2012) Feast yourself on this triple helping of Mrs Brown’s Boys with the outrageous Christmas Specials As always Agnes is only trying to make Christmas perfect for her family but things don&39;t always turn out as planned We see Agnes competing for the love of Dermot and Maria by trying to provide a more lavish Christmas than Maria&39;s posh Mum Hillary Trouble brews as Cathy takes exception to her mother opening her mail and instigates a clever plan for revenge And Agnes fights to stage her very own Nativity play and she is determined to put on the greatest show on earth Join Agnes and the Brown family for an extra-ordinary Christmas you won’t ever forget Mrs Brown&39;s Boys Christmas Specials 2013 Buckin&39; Mammy Christmas is just round the corner and no-one knows what Bono wants for a present He&39;s already posted his letter off to Santa so how can Mrs Brown find out in time? Meanwhile at her family games night Agnes struggles to control her temper when none of the guests will play by her rules But at least there shouldn&39;t be any problems with the Christmas tree – she&39;s having a very special one delivered Who&39;s A Pretty Mammy? Agnes is a Mammy on a mission – trying to make sure grandson Bono isn&39;t sent to the infamous local primary school (despite what his parents want) And as if her house isn&39;t normally noisy enough she finds herself lumbered with a brand new houseguest in the form of a homeless parrot At least she&39;s got her New Year&39;s Eve party to look forward to – until her guests start dropping like flies Suddenly it looks like she might be seeing in the New Year without her family around her Mrs Brown&39;s Boys Christmas Specials 2014 Mammy&39;s Tickled Pink Christmas is just around the corner and Agnes already has her tinsel in a twist Rory is getting plastic surgery Cathy is hiding something and the family are insisting upon a cost-cutting secret Santa To make matters worse Winnie drops a Christmas bombshell Maybe her unusual new Christmas tree will bring Agnes some festive cheer? Mammy&39;s Gamble After a spate of burglaries in Finglas Agnes asks Buster Brady to fit a new alarm system Unfortunately there are a few teething problems with Buster&39;s state-of-the-art technology Determined to help son Dermot set up a new business Agnes must face old rival Hillary Nicholson in the poker final Meanwhile Agnes&39;s new chair turns out to be comfier than she could ever have imagined Mrs Brown&39;s Boys Christmas Specials 2015 Mammy’s Christmas Punch Agnes Brown is determined to have a safe and peaceful Christmas at home this year But with Mark and Betty rowing over the reappearance of his first love Bubbles carol singers haunting Agnes&39;s every waking hour and Buster installing a new Christmas tree with a very unusual feature how will Agnes survive? Mammy&39;s Widow&39;s Memories When a handsome stranger appears in Foley&39;s Pub everyone presumes he must be after Cathy But the stranger reveals he only has eyes for one special woman Agnes Brown herself Will Agnes go on her first date in years? And if she does who&39;s in for the bigger surprise Agnes Brown or the stranger?


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