Old Modern Handicrafts Hemingway Pilar Boat Model Boat


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This is the model of the famous Hemingway Pilar Boat. The model was100-percent handmade based on the original plan and painted greenand black color. Contains many details such as wooden chair, woodenbed, metal railings and metal steering wheel. Come with a woodenstand and ready for display. Features: State: California Setting: Indoor Color options: Painted Materials: Wood Dimensions: 7.5 inches wide x 15 inches high x 27.5 inches long About the Manufacturer: Founded in 1999, Old-Modern Handicrafts (OMH) is a familyowned and operated business and a leading manufacturer of highquality wooden ship models. OMH started with about twenty popularmodels such as the RMS Titanic and the USS Constitution. Today, OMHproduces more than one thousand different scale models. Theselection from our factory includes historic tall ships, ancientboats, modern speed boats, ocean liners and modern cruise ships,yachts and warships. OMH is widely supported around the world asour unique and eye catching model ships are affordable and easy todisplay. Our models are proudly displayed in many homes, offices,hotels, restaurants, as well as in luxurious galleries and museumsaround the world.


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